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We are one of the renowned double inlet extruder blower supplier, manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India. Double Inlet Blower is high performing air cooling solution that provides various design options as well as powerful capabilities. They can easily handle an excellent pressure drop, which is best for use in heat sinks having high fin density and also the heat exchangers for high execution cooling.

These blowers produce airflow that is perpendicular to the inlet, thereby allowing for enhanced flexibility in a housing geometry. This also facilitates more localized cooling and also more creativity in the whole system design. They are made in a way to offer highly optimized cooling with minimum acoustics that allows active cooling. These systems are four to eight dB soundless than the equivalent axial fan systems.

All our blowers have features like strong construction, minimum maintenance, and high rust resistance.

Uses of Double Inlet Blowers

Our double inlet blowers are primarily used in heating as well as ventilation. The generic design, along with the construction quality of our blower, provides heavy-duty functions. These can be utilized in several application where a significant volume of the air is needed against a low to medium pressure.

Some of the key features are

  • Highly efficient
  • Low noise
  • Small footprint.
  • Single motor needed

Our team of design experts possesses the capacity to craft and execute the entire magnetic, driving circuit, and mechanical part as per the client’s needs.

Working of Double Inlet Extruder Blower

Our team of engineers is specialized in acoustic analysis that enables us to refine the design of double inlet blower housings and impellers for decreasing the tonal vibration as well as in enhancing the total sound profile of the blowers. Moreover, these blowers do not have any obstructions for the inlet flow, thereby allowing few restrictions to the flow of air with excellent performance when compared to the traditional blowers.

We are offering various products right from cooling blowers, fan impeller, to double inlet extruder blowers. These blowers are utilized for several purposes like in extruder plants, plastic processing machinery, and wire extruder plants, along with the molding machines.

Leading Blower Supplier – Kunjmart

With well-organized machinery along with facilities, our products are made in a state-of-the-art manufacturing unit. Our in house design department make all latest design and provide some of the high-end performance at the best price.

We are counted as one of the noted manufacturers of Double Inlet Extruder Blower, and we aim to bring the latest technology in the blower industry at an affordable price. We highly believe in quality, consumer satisfaction as well as trust. Our expert team, experienced workers and the marketing people are always ready to helps us in meeting the goal.

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Kunjmart is one of the reputed double inlet extruder blower supplier, manufacturer and exporter in Gujarat, India. We are here to fulfill your all custom requirements of blowers. You can choose us for your any requirements because

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We always strive to provide you with top-quality products for all of our customers with recent technology and meet their needs. Our vision is to be a top service provider of cost-effective and latest solutions.

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