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We are reputed DIDW Blower supplier, manufacturer and exporter in India. We offer best quality DIDW Blowers for your various applications. DIDW stands for Double Inlet Double Width, which refers to a type of blower or fan design commonly used in HVAC systems. It typically has two inlets and a larger width compared to other blower configurations. The DIDW blower is known for its high efficiency and ability to handle larger volumes of air.

How it Works?

A DIDW (Double Inlet Double Width) blower works by utilizing a centrifugal fan design to move air or gas. Here is a simplified explanation of its operation:

Air Intake: The blower has two inlets where air is drawn in. These inlets are strategically positioned to allow optimal air intake.

Impeller: Inside the blower, there is an impeller consisting of blades or vanes. The impeller is mounted on a rotating shaft and is responsible for creating the airflow.

Rotation: When the blower is powered on, the impeller starts rotating at high speeds. The rotation creates a centrifugal force that pushes the air away from the centre of the impeller.

Air Acceleration: As the air moves away from the centre, it accelerates due to the centrifugal force. This acceleration increases the velocity and pressure of the air.

Air Ducts: The accelerated air is then directed into two separate air ducts, which are wider compared to a single inlet blower. The wider ducts allow for greater airflow capacity.

Discharge: The air exits the blower through the outlets of the two ducts. It can be directed to various applications such as HVAC systems, industrial processes, or ventilation systems.

    Overall, the design of a DIDW blower allows for efficient air movement, higher airflow capacity, and better control of pressure and velocity. It is commonly used in commercial and industrial settings where large volumes of air need to be circulated or exhausted.

    Benefit of DIDW Blower

    There are several benefits associated with using a DIDW (Double Inlet Double Width) blower:

    Higher Airflow Capacity: DIDW blowers are designed with wider ducts and larger impellers, allowing them to handle larger volumes of air compared to other blower configurations. This higher airflow capacity makes them suitable for applications that require significant air movement.

    Improved Efficiency: The design of a DIDW blower enables efficient airflow and pressure generation. The double inlet configuration and optimized impeller design help minimize energy losses, resulting in improved overall efficiency and reduced energy consumption.

    Balanced Airflow: The double inlet design of a DIDW blower ensures a balanced distribution of airflow. This balanced airflow helps maintain consistent pressure and temperature throughout the system, enhancing system performance and efficiency.

    Compact Design: Despite their higher airflow capacity, DIDW blowers are often more compact compared to other blower types. This compact design makes them easier to install and integrate into various systems where space is limited.

    Reduced Noise and Vibration: Our offered blowers are known for their relatively lower noise and vibration levels. The double inlet configuration and carefully designed impeller help minimize noise and vibration during operation, promoting a quieter and more comfortable environment.

    Versatility: These blowers are versatile and find applications in various industries such as HVAC systems, industrial ventilation, air handling units, and more. Their ability to handle large volumes of air makes them suitable for both commercial and industrial settings.

      Overall, the benefits of using a DIDW blower include higher airflow capacity, improved efficiency, balanced airflow, compact design, reduced noise, and versatility, making them a preferred choice for many air handling applications.


      DIDW (Double Inlet Double Width) blowers are used in a variety of applications where high-volume air movement is required. Some of the common applications of DIDW blowers include:

      HVAC Systems: These blowers are commonly used in HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems to circulate air through the building. They can be used for both supply and exhaust air applications.

      Industrial Ventilation: DIDW blowers are used in industrial ventilation systems to provide fresh air. Further they remove stale air, dust, and fumes from industrial processes.

      Air Handling Units: They are used in air handling units (AHUs) to circulate air through the unit and supply it to various spaces.

      Clean Room Applications: These blowers are used in clean room applications to maintain a clean and sterile environment by providing filtered air to the room.

      Food Processing: DIDW blowers are used in food processing plants to provide fresh air. They also remove heat and moisture generated by the processing equipment.

      Chemical Processing: DIDW blowers are highly used in chemical processing plants. They provide fresh air and remove toxic fumes generated by chemical reactions.

      Mining: These blowers are also used in mines to provide fresh air to the workers. They can remove dust and fumes generated by mining operations.

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